Jeff Ali/ Shuniya

is creating Ambient Music & Sound for Meditation and Deep Relaxation
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I'll be cueing up my library of meditation tracks, with each $1 pledged you'll be able to add a new meditation track to your own music library.
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I will share at least one longer form meditation track with you for a $2 pledge.
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Pledge $4/month and receive a package of at least one newly created (recorded mixed and mastered just for this campaign) EP/LP length meditation track (22 minute or more, and up to 62 minutes) each month and one additional meditation track from my current library that I will be offering as perks to patreon members and supporters.




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About Jeff Ali/ Shuniya

I create musical recordings of healing sounds and music. I use guitars, live phrase looping, electric cello, earth gong, crystal singing bowls, Hang (drum), voice, sounds from nature and much more to create music perfect for healing, meditation and yoga.

This patreon campaign will support the release my tracks on a more regular basis. It will also allow me to budget for studio time and mastering for future releases. Most of the meditation tracks are around 20-30 minutes and if sold on iTunes would be sold as albums for $9.99. I really love this patron idea where I can share my music freely and those who want to support the arts can do easily with even a small commitment. 

Please show your support today, by signing up with any amount you feel comfortable. Suggested is $7-15 and any amount it graciously and humbly accepted with loving gratitude.
$0 of $3,000 per per track released
When we reach $3,000 for a single release track I will set aside the funds to remaster a compete album of all the most popular tracks I've made so far + some unreleased tracks. This could end up being a double album. All subsequent supporters will have the option to receive a physical CD package copy for the cost of shipping only. Based on how many people I need to send out, extra copies will be sent to friends of supporters. I may have to get creative on how to decide who gets extra copies but my goal is to reach the $3,000 mark with between 300-500 patrons, and since I plan to press up at least 1,000 copies there should be plenty of discs to share with the friends of my patrons. My thoughts here, if since you have supported me, I'd like to be able to thank you by sharing with those who are close to you and also some of those friends may also become patrons, but that's not the most important thing, just being able to share with more people and say thank you at the same time is enough benefit for me. Thank you for your kind consideration.
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