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Less than a pack of gum

$1 /mo
Yes I know it depends on the gum but let's say it's at least 14 sticks (I don't want to promote brands here so I'm gonna keep it generic).

What do you get??

  • Huge thanks from m...

Less than a special coffee drink

$5 /mo
Remember this isn't just a cup of Joe, it's a "specialty drink."  Like a Mocha or a Latte. (not gonna put the brands in here either)

What do you get?

  • peace of mind knowing you...

Less than a meal a month

$10 /mo
Ok, it's not a fast food meal but let's say it the next level up.  Still, if you took me out to lunch once a month, it's half as much as that.

  • Free copies of my books (when they come...

less than feed my family one meal

$50 /mo
That's not at a fancy restaurant but it's less (by one person) than if you took my family to a sub shop once a month.

  • Shout out on the podcast -I mention you and thank you for your p...