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I love Jesus, I'm addicted to grace, and I'm just a messed up dude trying to make Him famous


Kihei, HI, USA

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The last two years I've tried to make high quality content that makes people think differently about Jesus, faith, religion, etc. As of late I try to put out a few videos a month that can be anything from a spoken word to a sit down Q&A with me and my lovely wife Alyssa! In fact, we just added a new podcast that we are having a blast doing!

If you've been inspired or touched by any of my videos the last two years or our podcast it'd mean a lot if you could support through subscription. I love the ability to keep my content free, and it's incredible to see just how far reaching a YouTube video can be (in fact we've done over 100 videos and have over 60,000,000 views!)! So also know that through supporting you are allowing me to keep making videos and putting them out there for free where someone might come across them and hear the message of Jesus and grace for the first time. And when you do I give you a smorgasbord (is that how you spell it? lol) of free stuff, perks, and rewards!

So all in all, love you guys!! Thanks so much for being on this journey with me. Got some fun stuff lined up for 2015 and I can't wait to show it to you all!

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