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About Jefferson Morley

James Angleton called it "the wilderness of mirrors."

The wilderness of mirrors is the battleground of secret intelligence agencies. It is the realm where spies and spooks struggle for power, secretly and lethally. It is the battleground that shapes our political reality and our world.

I've been writing about the CIA and secret government in Washington for more than 30 years.  In a time rife with deception and misinformation, my new blog,  THE DEEP STATE tells the truth about secret intelligence agencies by reliably separating real news from fake.


As my patron, you enable and empower serious journalism about:
And much more. With my  JFK Facts blog and two CIA biographies, I am building a community of informed and engaged readers who want the story behind the cover story.

Think of me as your tour guide to the deep state agencies of Washington and the world. 

I need your help.  This line of work isn't easy or lucrative.

There are many pressures--personal and professional-- to censor yourself when it comes to reporting on the CIA (or MI6 or Mossad or GRU). I try to ignore them.

There's the constant challenge of reporting accurately about a world steeped in deception and misinformation. I pay close attention to getting facts right.

I focus on telling true stories, and airing opinions, that entertain and inform, educate and inspire.

I've got a great tee-shirt for those who help me as I pass along what I’ve learned to the next generation.

All the best & be in touch, Jeff

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When I reach 100 patrons I will add video capacity. I will hire veteran Washington video producer Mark Sugg, to generate timely and revelatory videos on the most significant news stories from the world of secret intelligence agencies.
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