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Just a kick-down per video? Well hey that's super awesome! You have my uber big thanks! Also access to frequent Patreon-only videos.

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Even a small donation like this is huge for me. $5 and higher patrons will be invited to a monthly video hangout with me. Either livechat drinking games or maybe we can do a group hazing of some te...

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Same as above, but you'll be helping me buy even more equipment and diapers and you will get a credit in the description of all my video end credits.

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That's crazy! $20? Seriously? Alright, well all of the above stuff and I will hand-make you a terribly printed SHITLORD hat just like mine. Also put you on a mail list for shwag like stickers and w...

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Holy shit, whaaat?

Okay, same as above, but let's do a 1-on-1 interview. Not me, I'm gonna interview YOU! And we can record it for posterity on my second channel. I want to give you a platfo...