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About Jeff Pennington

Hey, I'm Jeff and I'm an illustrator, designer, podcaster, writer, and most importantly a comic book creator! If you've seen anything I've done in the past and dug it then consider yourself an honorary member of the

But if you wanna become an official member, consider pledging to this Patreon and helping me live out my dreams that one day I'll be able to do what I love for a living - make art - and not struggle at the edge of poverty! I don't mean sit in a cubicle and plop out corporate design or waste away at a 9 to 5, I mean actually create! 

I create, write, and draw the webcomic Inksburg, a comedic combination of noir detective mysteries and slapstick classic funny animal cartoons that I'm pretty proud of. I've also done some mini-comics, I host podcasts with pals of mine -specifically M-Class Podcast which is all about Star Trek, and Original Characters which is kinda hard to pin down but it's about making terrible OCs for all your favorite franchises. Besides that, I'm also a big fan of making fan art for video games, high fantasy, comic books and anything and everything in-between.

My goal with this Patreon is to finally find the financial freedom to create comics like I've always wanted to be able to. The life of a fully freelance illustrator (and one who specifically relies mostly on commissions) is pretty rough and doesn't bring in a lot of dough so I spend pretty much all of my time chasing down money to pay bills and rent and to just stay afloat month to month. What this page represents is my goal of being able to settle down and make not only for myself, but all of you as well. Wouldn't that be cool?

So thank you for any support you show me, monetary or otherwise, because whether I'm great at conveying it or not, it does mean the absolute world to me.
$192.27 of $300 per month
THE RETURN OF INKSBURG! If we hit this lofty goal I'll absolutely start doing shorter, more self-contained Inksburg comics! This amount will give me enough time without worrying about income to work on this personal project I love so much.
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