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- I will give you an .mp3 download of the song I released.
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-You'll have access to my patron only page.
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-Only ONE skype call per month.
-I will SKYPE you to thank you for supporting me, play you a couple songs and you can ask a couple questions. It can be about what chords I used, how I record my videos, how I produce my audio, anything you'd like to talk about! The call will last for about 30 minutes or so :)
-Also all of the rewards above.




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About Jeffrey Haney

Hello everyone, my name is Jeffrey Haney and I'm a musician/Youtuber. I currently post acoustic covers on my youtube channels, thank you so much for stopping by to my patreon page! Your support means everything to me! If you do decide to help me out even more by donating, each time I release a video you will be charged as to whatever you have purchased but don't worry you can stop donating whenever you feel like it. Please don't feel obligated to donate if you don't have the money to do so.  I will be giving out cool rewards for the people who donate to this campaign as you can see below. All the money I make from this page will be going towards upgrading my video quality, cameras, microphones, studio monitors, video software etc..
Where does your money go? Like I mentioned above, all the money I raise from my patrons will be going towards new equipment to upgrade the quality of my videos.

Can I stop donating at anytime? Absolutely, you can stop donating at anytime you'd like. It's as easy as logging into your patreon account and changing your settings :)

How many videos will be uploaded monthly? It usually varies from month to month, but usually I try to get about three videos per month, sometimes only two.

What if I can't afford to pledge? Don't worry, please don't feel obligated to donate to this campaign. You just watching my videos means the world to me already! This is just a way to get a little money from the content I post and having you guys involved giving you rewards :) 

$5 of $100 per Music video
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