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So This is Basically The Most I Can Spend

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You can vote for what StiB video we make next! Gain access to Works in Progress!

  • Can Vote for the next StiB Video Topic
  • Works in Progress

So This is Basically Extra Stuff

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 In addition to WIPs you get access to the Scrubbadub Tub with all of our Bonus Content! Outtakes, unused lines, fanfiction readings, storyboards, projects that never saw the light of day, stuff li...

So This is Basically The Picture of Generosity!

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Gain access to a SECRET POLL for deciding our next StiB videos with a x10 multiplier! Influence our very actions through the power of RIGGED DEMOCRACY. 

The top 10 donors ea...


So This is Basically Your Recording

$20 /mo
Commission a recording from one of our team’s voice actors, in or out of character! You can request anything you like, so long as the VA approves it! We will record up to 300 words, delivered after...