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If you play my games and want to see them go ad free, help us reach the goal.

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Testers receive passwords to play and test new indie games before they launch on iOS, Google Play, and Testers who submit ideas and feedback get credit in game and become part of the creative process.

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Whole lotta love! This tier is for those who for some odd reason love me, or Wiggly Loaf a whole lot. Blessed be the child who has his own. A thousand thank yous. Angels ~ Include a mailing address, I'll send you some Wiggly Loaf swag, and include your name in future game credits.




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About JEMoores Game Machine

Hello, Jay E. Moores here.

Are you an escapist at heart? Do you love fantasy, magic, and wonder? That's what I love about animation and game design. You get to create a made up world, and invite other people into it. I get caught up in every infinite detail until it's a meditative process.

Making a video game is forever solving problems. I have to go from an idea to a working dynamic within the game. Sometimes it's a huge process of trying things over and over until something works and feels right. It takes hours, and days, and nights often blur into the next day.

As crazy as it is, I love it. I get a huge lift from each problem solved in my little world. The real world has big problems, so it's nice to be focused on smaller easily solved problems. It's less stressful. Gives me hope, and keeps me insulated from all the fearful and depressing media out there. Instead, I'm in here making media with a more positive message. It's my goal to lift both your and my heart at the same time.

I want to create games that tell stories that offer people just that, hope. Sometimes the simplest or silliest thing can take your mind off all your troubles. It's nice to take a break from all the stress in one's life. I get serious about my silliness. I have to. My games attempt to regress adults into teenage versions of themselves. They find themselves video game playing kids from the not so distant past. Those who spent all their allowance pumping quarters into Astroids, Tempest, Defender... you know who you are. My love for those early arcade games are in the mix. Casual games have a nostalgic arcade feel to me, and are a great stress reliever.

Casual games fill a need, or rather, they usually fill a gap. Let's say you've got a few minutes waiting in line so you download a casual game. Now you have something to do while you wait. These games are there for you when you need them. I am working really hard providing this experience for people all over the world who download my indie mobile games. I create games so you can escape the now, be entertained for a few minutes, and then get back to your real life. That's a service we have all enjoyed, and I need your help.

My patreon is here because I need some support to keep everything in balance. All my patreon goals are set to real life expenses so I can continue to make awesome mobile games for the world. The expenses added up faster than I thought they would. I mean, check this out. To publish a video game on iOS or Google Play I have to do these (and probably a ton of other things I already forgot) but check it out, off the top of my head:

First you need a local private mail box or PO box. Then you use that PMB address as your contact information when you register a dot com. You host the dot com and design a web page with game information, PMB contact information, and a privacy policy. Game making subscription software runs me $200-300/every year. The Apple App Store charges $100/year, Google Play is like $80/year? Steam is $100/per game... then there's computer gear, video editing software to make promo videos for YouTube, monthly Photoshop fees, internet connection for cloud software, wireless networks, routers, it just goes on and on. Then it takes a month or more to design, test, and publish a casual game. That's about 40-80 hours of time for a very basic game.

My free games make very little off the ads. They can barely cover the annual App Store developer fee, so as it stands these games are barely breaking even. If I don't keep the subscriptions paid, they will be deleted from iOS and Google Play. It's a race to see if there is a way to fund the games and give them more time to attract enough players to make it all worth it. The investment is risky. There is no guarantee of success, but I want to go on with you as my patreon. More than funding, my games need community. Since I love the game of solving problems, patreon could solve both and is a perfect solution.

I'll share my process, the success, the dismal failures, and the laughs. I'll post never before published demo PC games to my just for you. If you want to test flight games before they publish you can become part of the game test flight crew and let me know what needs a changing... ideas, etc. It will be fun to collaborate and make a few video games together!

Here are my published indie games on: iOS, Google Play,, and Amazon.

Thank you in advance, J.E.Moores
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Once I reach this goal the $10/month go to cover my Web Hosting which is $100/year plus the two dot com fees, (about $9 for each domain name.) When a game is published to the App Store or Google Play you must include a build name that includes the dot com of your game, and a link to a privacy policy published on your web page. To publish games you must have a web site for your game, and it's one of the many small fees that begin to add up fast. Making games is time consuming and expensive.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post