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Hey there!

Firstly, thank you for checking out my Patreon page. It was the hat, right?

I'm a British music artist and songwriter, and I have been performing and writing professionally for quite a while.  I started getting in to recording and releasing music videos a few years ago, and now it is a big part of what I do. I love taking a song and arranging it in my own unique way - many of my videos are of cover songs. I equally love writing my own songs too, and I release videos of original music regularly also. The quality of my videos range from being completely professionally done, with a wonderful camera and top quality recording gear, to me recording on my laptop in to logic and editing everything myself, to very basic iPhone recordings to capture the song there and then - I usually release THESE videos when we're literally still in the writing session, and me and my co-writers love the song so much that we need to show the world NOW!

Although I'm British born and bred, I have graced the US shores quite frequently over the last few years, playing shows, writing and recording out there. I mainly visit LA, but I have been to New York, Nashville, Seattle, Florida and Texas all for music.  I may even be moving to the USA soon..  anything could happen ;-) I also travel to London a lot, and to other European countries such as Finland and Sweden.  I like to bring my fans along on my journeys, and so as well as regular Facebook and Twitter updates, I have a video log called 'You've Been Pinked - A Day In The Life of a Wannabe Superstar!' I have just released Episode 7, which was all about by recent Nashville adventures.

All the music I make, the videos I record, the flights I take to work overseas, the Starbucks coffee I neck when I'm trying to stay awake finishing a song at 4am.. it's all funded by me. This is no sob story, don't worry. But with your support, I can not only continue to do all this, but I'll be able to do much much more! My fans know (and love) that a lot of the material I release is 'homemade,' in that I record, produce and master everything myself.  But I would love love love to record more music with a real life producer (who actually knows what they're doing..) I want to release my debut album, and accompany three singles off the album with awesome music videos, again, recorded and edited with someone who has slightly more sophisticated stuff than an iPhone and iMovie. Not that I'm knocking them. God I love iMovie.  

That was all a little longer than expected. Thank you for reading :-) I hope you haven't fallen asleep. Unless it's bedtime, in which case I guess it's okay. x

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