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Hi You, I am interdisciplinary artist living in Fort Lauderdale, FL. My current studio is in Hollywood, FL in a public park called ArtsPark. I create works by any means necessary and available and for the past 6 years that has leaned toward the soft sculpture side of things. I quilt, tuft rugs, create costumes for installations and filming. I edit video with layers of stop-motion animations and I capture sounds. I am more of generalist in my skills and sometimes fail but usually keep trying until I figure out the issues. I am will be sharing my inter-personal studio life so you can see the up-close awkward life of a emerging artist. I hope it might be helpful to others, I am going to try to be transparent from grant writing, website organizing and project planning. (internet high-five)

Also, This video was created by TrashRainBow, by artists Hilary White & Steven Speir back in 2014 while I was getting ready for my thesis exhibit for my Masters degree in fine art, sculpture from University of FL . Follow Hilary @hilarywhiteart
$0 of $400 per month
So, $400 for me means covering my studio rent and materials for one month. This amount helps makes my work sustainable with the materials that I currently use. 
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