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Thank you 4 joining Meowri's Knife Gang! 

This tier gives you:
 ★ access to my general Patreon Feed
 ★ discord access   
 ★ monthly HD wallpaper

 ★ Imaginary Stick (+1 Damage) 

please don't beat me up on the playground with this later dude
Includes Discord benefits
Butter Knife
per month
Thank you 4 joining Meowri's Knife Gang!

This tier gives you:
 ★ access to my general Patreon Feed
 ★ discord access
 ★ monthly HD wallpaper

 ★ 10 monthly HD images
 ★ dope Imaginary Butter Knife (+10 Damage) 

wow i bet u spread butter like a champ *cough* unlike legs GOTTEM BOIIII
Includes Discord benefits
per month
Thank you 4 joining Meowri's Knife Gang!

This tier gives you:
 ★ access to my general Patreon Feed
 ★ discord access
 ★ monthly HD wallpaper

★ 5 LEWD cellphone selfies
 ★ 20 monthly HD images

 ★ 15% store discount 
 ★ supa stabby Imaginary shiv (+20 Damage) 

wow I bet u got those mad prison gang connectz
Includes Discord benefits





Please be aware that payment is taken immediately upon pledging.

Patrons who harass or create a toxic environment for Meowri and/or other members will be blocked and NOT refunded.

Meowri reserves the right to use content produced on Patreon as she sees fit.

Patrons who are found leaking content or attempting to leak content will be removed without a refund.

If you have any questions regarding your subscription, rewards or anything Patreon related, please send me a message!

My Patreon is for individuals who want to help support the process of creating and funding new content.

  Subscribing to my Patreon is not required to access my new content, but it is:
  • a platform that will allow you to see the content I create firsthand
  • have a vote in the new costumes and sets I produce
  • receive digital rewards

By pledging, you acknowledge that you comprehend the FAQ and Terms & Conditions.

These rewards serve as a way for me to display my gratitude for your support. So thanks 4 being so rad my dude!


I signed up at the end of the month, will I still receive a reward for said month?
Yes, however, please be aware that payment is due at the time of subscribing and then on the 1st of the month thereafter.

The tier I want to subscribe to is full, what do I do?
If the tier you would like is full, please check back regularly to see if more slots have opened up.
In the meantime, please feel free to subscribe to another tier!

When will my rewards be sent out?
Digital rewards will be sent to the email you have registered with Patreon by the 15th of the following month, unless otherwise stated.
Please note the digital reward links will expire after 25 days.
After the link expires, we cannot issue new links, so please make sure you claim your digital rewards promptly

Help! I haven't received my rewards!
Please double and triple check your email using the search feature or send us a message!

I just signed up to Patreon, can I get rewards from all previous months?
Currently, select old digital sets can be purchased within my Store.
Patrons may use their monthly discount codes to purchase these older bundles.

All Elaborate Gold Knife Tier sets and images are exclusive to the EGK tier and will only be offered through the EGK tier.

Is there nudity or pornography?
There is no nudity or pornography offered.
There are, however, implied nudes and lewd content.

What is your refund policy?
are only given before rewards have been collected or in the event of an accidental overcharge.
Evidence and communication are required.

447 of 700 patrons
New Tier Reward for Butter Knife tiers and up!

If we hit this goal, we will have monthly private game streams or movie night in the patreon subchannel in the discord server!

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