Jenna Moreci is creating books, vlogs, and a cyborg army

Cyborg Lieutenant

$1 /mo
As a Cyborg Lieutenant, you'll get to see all the bloopers from my weekly uploads - and I mean all of 'em. My embarrassment is your gain!

Cyborg Captain

$3 /mo
As a Cyborg Captain, you'll be the first to know about any book and/or platform related news: release dates, teasers, beta recruitments, youtube events, giveaways, and more! (plus access to bloopers)

Cyborg Major

$5 /mo
All Cyborg Majors receive access to my patron-only suggestion box. Is there a topic you've been dying for me to vlog about? Let me know! Patron suggestions get first priority, and if I dig your top...

Cyborg Colonel

$10 /mo
All Cyborg Colonels will receive a signed photo of yours truly along with a personalized message of thanks. Each month, a new photo will be featured from my vast collection of author photos and mod...

Cyborg General

$20 /mo
All Cyborg Generals get to take part in a once-a-month livestream chat with me! Got questions? Want special updates on my writing projects? Care to talk about life, writing, and cheese? I’ve got yo...

The Inner Cyborg Circle

$50 /mo
Welcome to the inner circle! Here, you get two options: either an exclusive critique of any 5000 word segment from your WIP, or a one-on-one online Q&A with me, where we can dish about wri...