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My everlasting gratitude! I'll list you on my website thanking you for your support.
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Everything above, with included sample work-in-progress parts of my novel writing. See my creations as they become completed!

You can also see my work-in-progress videos for my artwork--watch it be completed before your very eyes.

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All of the above, and you can contribute ideas to my novel--help me choose where a character goes, what they do, or what happens to them--or suggest an art piece to do! I'll thank you personally for the contribution in my acknowledgements page of my novel, in the description page of my artwork when posted, and on my website.

You'll also receive a personalised digital copy (PDF) of my novel when it's released!




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About Jenna Whittaker

Hello all!

I've been recommended to join Patreon, as I am both an artist and author. I spend my time creating fantasy and science fiction worlds in both my stories, and my artwork. 

I currently have 5 novels published--sci fi, fantasy, and steampunk/post apocalyptic/dystopian--with plenty more in the works. I've been writing all my life and never intend to stop.

To help fund my writing efforts, I also do artwork! This includes graphic design pieces for websites (logos, headers, promotional images), book covers, game concept (character and environment) artwork, commissions (family portraits, pet portraits, etc), and my personal artwork done for fun! I can also do promotional images for your book, cover art, unique and personalised bookmarks/book plates, or even a custom painting of all of your book characters!

Why am I here? I want to share this artwork and writing with you! Connecting to readers and anyone who is interested in my art, and getting help to support my best efforts in my books. :)
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