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[UNLOCKED AFTER REACHING THE 50 PATRON GOAL--->  Access to a monthly Patron-Only Art Livestream with in-depth info and steps about what and how I use my art materials.]




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About Jennifer Charlee

🌲🌵🌱Hi! I'm so happy you're here!!! 🌱🌵🌲

I'm Jennifer Charlee, and if you're new around here, I'm an artist/illustrator who loves painting all things cute and whimsical. I usually work in watercolor but love exploring different mediums all the time. I love to paint animals, mythical creatures, plants (especially succulents) and love coming up with new interesting subject matter. My goal is to create art that helps others expand their imagination and wonder. This world can be harsh at times and I hope my illustrations can bring a little extra light to your life.

Your support on Patreon will allow me to continue making art & art videos, develop tutorials & other educational content, upgrade my equipment & supplies, develop new products & merchandise, and improve the over all quality of the work I produce. I see Patreon as a special interactive creative community where we'll be able to connect and can basically hang out and get to know each other.

I believe everyone is a creative being and that creativity is only enhanced when we come together in community!

Go ahead and check out all the awesome REWARDS I have available right now and don't miss the GOALS section either...I have a lot of plans for enhancing our reward tiers as we meet different goals!

FUN FACT! - I actually have a background in art therapy and have heavily researched the art of self-care. I hope to infuse self-care tips, tricks, and important information into my creations, content, and videos. So that's a bonus if you're into that kind of thing :P

More fun facts about me...
...and an even more in depth look at my history with art AND psychology!...

Thank you so much for choosing to support what I do!

If you would like to support me with a one time donation please consider adding to my: Tip Jar

You can also support me for free by staying active on and sharing my work on social media:

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If we can grow this page to 25 Patrons I will begin making a Patreon-Exclusive Artwork for the community.

  • $15 Patrons - Receive a high quality physical print of the exclusive artwork as a part of your care package each month.
  • $5 Patrons - Receive a high quality digital print of the exclusive artwork you can print out and enjoy.
  • $1 Patrons - See behind the scenes sketches, planning and production of the artwork and give feedback on what will be created.
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