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I just want to be a part of the beautiful community, be able to submit questions for videos, get creative updates and show my support!  (I am sending you big squishy hugs right now!  Thank you!)
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Yes please, I want an entire course with Jennifer entitled The Essential Self-Love Course (read more about this course here!)  and an amazing monthly private podcast with Jennifer called, The Oracle Sessions!

The course alone is worth $495, and you get to keep it as long as you offer at least $5 a month, and no matter how long you are a patron!  (SUCH a great deal!)  The podcast will zoom into your inbox every month with a new 15-30 minute episode about living as an Oracle, self-love, intuition and sexuality...each of these sessions is a precious gem!    

Suggested monthly offering for both rewards is $5 - $30 a month, and whatever amount you offer is deeply appreciated! Sending you fairy kisses and nymph love!  (check out the course to find out what a nymph really is!)