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About Jennifer Thomas

Watch my Patreon Video above, or read on for even more details.

I am a Pianist, Violinist, Recording Artist, Orchestrator, Composer, Producer, and Chocolate lover.  I'm also a mom to 3 energetic little boys and a wife to an Ultra-marathon Competitor/Videographer. 

Describing my music in 4 words:   Epic, Beautiful, Cinematic, Emotional. 

In addition to my 6 studio album releases ("The Fire Within", "Key of Sea - 10 Year Special Edition","Winter Symphony", "Illumination", "The Lullaby Album", and "Key of Sea"), I've written film scores and my music has been featured in Film, TV, Commercial and is widely used in the world of sports (NBA, Figure Skating, Ballet, Gymnastics, Volleyball, and more). I also have a large following on Pandora and Spotify over the years with about a half billion streams. 

What Is Patreon?


Patreon is a platform where YOU can have a direct impact on helping me as an artist by contributing an ongoing monthly amount. In return, I REWARD you. The higher amount you donate, the bigger and better the rewards are. The amount is up to you.

Independent artists don't need record labels these days in order to be successful, but we DO need a team of support around us. Record labels have a machine of people working together to make an artist achieve a high level of success. In today's music industry, the fans and supporters are replacing the labels and taking indie artists to new heights. Think of this like YOU being the machine that is helping me to reach a higher level of success.

Why I Decided to do Patreon:

I am very lucky to make a living from my music. For the past 12 years that I've been releasing music professionally, my husband and I have fully funded ALL of my music projects without asking for any outside help or having investors or record labels. And I will continue to go forward and create and release new beautiful music and albums regardless of Patreon.  It's my joy and purpose. 

But I also really want to GROW my reach and let MORE people to know about my music. And this is where I need a team of support behind me.

I have spent considerable time researching the best way for ME to get my music out to the masses more.  Every artist is different - some tour, some gig, but for ME personally and what works for my lifestyle and genre of music is to utilize the visual media platforms.


Since creating my Patreon team in 2016, my patrons have helped fund several new music videos and helped grow my YouTube channel and get my music out there. I'm so grateful!

Music videos are wonderful for drawing in NEW fans, getting my music into the ears of more people,  introducing my music to more people, and not to mention creating music in a visual art form.   BUT music videos also come at a BONUS COST above and beyond the usual album budget and without much financial return to the artist.


I produce an album ----> Fans buy my album.

I produce a music video ----> Fans watch it on Youtube for FREE.

I actually LOVE making music videos because I think very visually when I compose my music. My DREAM and "big-picture vision" for my music is to perform for the world through my music videos.  But I need YOUR help to continue doing this.

Explanation of "Per Month" vs. "Per Video":

I've chosen the "per month" method to help with the initial start-up. Most "Youtubers" release content multiple times per month and so they choose "per video" method (so if you donate $1 per video, and they release 4 videos per month, you pay $4 per month). Since my video projects are usually on the "epic large scale" basis, they cost a bit more to produce. I have a high standard of quality in my content. The "per video" method doesn't make sense at this point as it would take me several months from now to earn even a $1 donation level for 1 video release - which makes it harder for me to fund videos (the whole point of this).

Where Your Money Goes:

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty, because I think it's important that YOU know where YOUR support is going. 

- Paying for a Quality Cinematographer.  I aim to only put out professional top quality work, so I only use quality seasoned cinematographers. The cinematographer is one of the most important people in the crew.  

- Buying and Acquiring Film Equipment. While in the past, I've hired all of my cinematographers, we also want to do a portion of my music videos "In House". Many of you know my husband, Will, is quite talented behind a camera.  Going forward, he will be stepping up into a cinematographer role in many of my music videos.  Right now, we have limited equipment, but still need to acquire several more items. We've have been renting whatever equipment we don't currently have, but the goal is to acquire and own.

- Props. Sometimes props are donated, but other times we have to buy or have custom-made. 

- Wardrobe, Hair, Make-up.  Finding the right costume/dress, and hiring a hair and make-up artist for the people involved in the video can add up, but it is an important necessity to achieve a professional "look" in the video. These are the things that people remember about videos - it's what makes up the colors, the vibe, the art, and more.

- Paying for Crew Members.  There are MANY people that work behind the scenes to make a successful film, including a film editor, director, colorist, drone operators, camera assistant, food prep.

- Paying for Talent.  I like to be able to pay the talent I use in my videos like dancers, singers, instrumentalists. I have an upcoming video where I will be using a full orchestra and each member of the group is paid individually per hour. Just things like this start to really add up to the overall cost in a quality video.

- Paying for Venue rentals, and Location permits. Locations don't usually come for free. When we filmed my "Alleluia" video, I had to rent out the Bastyr Cathedral for the day at a very hefty fee ($$$$).  Sometimes park permits can cost $$$ to film on location.  

- Small Details. Even things like buying food for the crew while we shoot, gas for cars to travel between locations, and little things like this that come up.

Examples of My Work:

Last of all, to show you the quality of work I aim for, here are few of my past-released music videos. I'm extremely proud of these.

90 of 150 patrons
I want to be able to perform my music for the world through the beauty of performance videos.  Hitting this goal would allow me to make consistent quality music videos. Once I hit 150 Patrons, I will make a special video just for my patrons here!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 120 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 120 exclusive posts

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