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Hey, you guys! I'm Jennifer Van Damsel, and I make costumes, I create sets, I do photography, I do editing, *insert cool gif of me doing awesome karate moves* and I want to use all of these things to take you on some adventures through my brain!

Patreon is really for those that want to support my creation process, so I can keep growing and learning as an artist. I use Patreon funds to pay my bills, create new sets, make new costumes, purchase new equipment, travel to conventions, and whatever else I need to run my business like photo paper and shipping supplies. My work really means the whole world to me, which is why I am so thankful to my Vandals for enabling me to keep creating. This really is a dream job in so many ways, and I have so many things I want to show you!

As of August 2019, my studio space is finally built, so now I have a permanent work space! Here is some of the equipment I have purchased with Patreon funds over the years to help run my business better!

New Studio Space!

Cintiq Pro!

Epson SureColor P5000 Printer!

Nikon D500 Camera and 35mm 1.4 Lens

Well, what are some things about me, anyways? I talk a lot, I drink a lot of coffee, I go on tangents forever, I am very forgetful (I future apologize for anything I forget! Please remind me haha), I get distracted easily, and I'm sure there's about a million other things I could put here. But mostly I am VERY shy! It might not seem like it from the way I type, but it's true! XD I get so embarrassed trying to make cute or sexy videos! Okay, so I'm pretty much just a big nerd that loves pen and paper games, RPGs, vidja games, tabletop games, Magic the Gathering, movies, music, food, comics, cosplay, photography, art, rainbows, animals, glitter, goth, fashion, drama (in art, not people hahaha)... well, just about everything. But mostly I love to work, because my work is all of my passions put together!

I have been cosplaying since May of 2012 and photographing my own work since 2017 (yes, I am also the photographer for 95% of my photos!). I worked for a comic book publisher named Overground Comics (check them out too!) for 3 years, but now creating costumes, doing photography, traveling to conventions, and running my Patreon are my full time job! 

I really hope to get to know you all better, show you all of my cosplay progress steps and tips, and most of all improve upon my crafting and photography skills to really show you I appreciate your support! I want to grow a community with you guys, really interact with one another, and become a big, friendly family!

Important Things to Know Before Becoming a Vandal! 

Please be aware that payment is taken immediately upon pledging.

Patrons who harass or create a toxic environment for JVD and/or other members will be blocked and NOT refunded.

JVD reserves the right to use content produced on Patreon as she sees fit.

Patrons who are found leaking content or attempting to leak content will be removed without a refund.

If you have any questions regarding your subscription, rewards or anything Patreon related, please send me a message!

My Patreon is for individuals who want to help support the process of creating and funding new content.

Subscribing to my Patreon is not required to access my new content, but it is:
  • a platform that will allow you to see the content I create firsthand
  • have a vote in the new costumes and sets I produce
  • receive digital and physical rewards

By pledging, you acknowledge that you comprehend the FAQ and Terms & Conditions.
These rewards serve as a way for me to display my gratitude for your support. I appreciate you all so much!


1. I signed up at the end of the month, will I still receive a package for said month?
Yes, however, please be aware that payment is due at the time of subscribing and then on the 1st of the month thereafter.

2. When will my physical reward package be shipped out?
Tier rewards will be shipped and sent out during the first two weeks of the following month, unless otherwise stated.
Please note if you do not provide your mailing address, you will not be sent physical rewards.

3. When will my rewards be sent out?
Tier rewards will be sent to the email you have registered with Patreon by the 15th of the following month, unless otherwise stated.
Please note the digital reward links will expire after 3 months.
After the link expires, I cannot issue new links, so please make sure you claim your digital rewards promptly.

4. Help! I haven't received my rewards!
Please send me a message!

5. I just signed up to Patreon, can I get rewards from all previous months?
Currently, select old digital sets can be purchased within my Store.
Patrons may use their monthly discount codes to purchase these older bundles.

6. What is your refund policy?
Refundsare only given before rewards have been collected or in the event of an accidental overcharge.
Evidence and communication are required.

*** I do not do nudity or pornography *** Not that there's anything wrong with that! *** I just like lingerie too much ***

THANK YOU TO THE VANDALS for your continued support and appreciation! My life that I love living wouldn't be possible without you!!!

- Amazing Info and FAQ Layout by the total goddess Jenna Lynn Meowri
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2,200 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2,200 exclusive posts

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