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About Jenni Ingram

Hey there! I'm Jenni Ingram, refinishing furniture, painting all. the. things and DIYing my way through my house (and inspring you to do the same).  I love making videos for you all on YouTube, and I'm hoping to team up with you to create a community of project people here!

A big reason for creating a community here on Patreon was to serve you better! I love chatting with you, answering your questions and bringing like minded people together in a safe place where we can all collaborate.  It's also super fun to let you in on the behind the scenes of projects, ask your opinion and see what I should work on next.  

If you like what I do and want to support me, I'd be INCREDIBLY grateful and return the favor with Q&A sessions, behind the scenes stuff, helpful resources, and other fun stuff just for you! 

If you choose to support us, you'll be helping us:

  • Improve the garage turned video studio
  • Hire help!
  • Make better quality videos
  • and more...

Finally, THANK YOU! I'm so excited to do this with you as part of my community.  Thank you for always watching my YouTube videos, leaving hearts, likes and comments and just being amazing and supportive.
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Going to VidSummit this October! This is a conference for video makers, I want to go learn how to create better video content for YOU! 
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