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I am Jenni Tooley- a performer, filmmaker, and maker of things. My most easily recognizable work as an actor was in Richard Linklater’s Golden Globe Winning/Academy Nominated film Boyhood or Wes Anderson’s first feature Bottle Rocket, I am also a self-taught award-winning filmmaker— you can check out my IMDB for more info on that and my full acting/filmmaking resume.

As a creative I need to be able to balance my time more efficiently so that I have enough of it to reflect on, develop, and produce the work as well as administer and hustle. That’s why I created a subscription community— to create a more stable income that would allow me to spend my time doing what I am best at— creating things— rather than working for someone else or sitting behind a computer administering things. You can make that happen by becoming a patron.

My goal is this:
make the films I want to make in the best way that I can with each film increasing in quality. I want to make these films with people I love to collaborate with, people who respect each other and the process. I want my work to be well-produced stories about women (and men) that ring true and are life-affirming but still edgy. I want to collaborate with, hire, and mentor as many other women as I can along the way. I will continue to use inclusivity and transparency to build my community and to get my movies made.
I am ready to jump full throttle into developing my second feature film, but I need the headspace to get there. Your support will make that happen!

Why work on the second project now?
I want to strike while the iron is still hot. I plan to leverage the community and audience that I have already built around STUCK to make the second film. What I learned on STUCK regarding my strengths and weaknesses is still fresh in my mind and will be used to make the second feature better than the first.

Where does this film fit into my career path?
I started my feature career with the hardest script first. Now it's time to backpedal and produce a more manageable and commercially accessible project. I have two scripts already in the hopper. Like STUCK, they are massive undertakings. I am not in a position to ramp up so quickly. The second feature is a more manageable film that will allow me to further develop my skills, continue to build my audience/backer base, and produce a higher quality, more accessible calling card to use as proof of "the Jenni Tooley" brand- which will lead to higher budget productions. I also need to get over the second film hump- I sat on a panel where two notable indie producers talked about how the second film is harder to make than the first. I want to prove them wrong.

Practically speaking: where does your money go?
In this model— your trust in me is key as I will make decisions about how to spend the memberships’ contributions on a case by case basis. Until we reach a financial set point, funds will go to paying my salary. As we grow, money will go towards growing the business by purchasing equipment needed for a project, paying a creative contractor to do something I can’t do myself, paying a legal or accounting professional, festival submission fees, travel expenses to festivals…all kinds of things that run a creative business. I will be transparent and keep you updated!

But it’s not just patronage! You are a member of an exclusive community. I want this to be a reciprocal relationship— it’s important to me that you get something out of this adventure too. I will share personal stories, creative work, and creative/production process with you here. There will be a lot of opportunities and ways to participate— you can be a casual observer, you can have a voice and a vote, you can even show up in person at events and interact or be an audience member if you want to!

I look forward to getting to know you all better and continuing to build up this great community!
Thank you so much for supporting my career. I truly appreciate it.

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