Jenn Manley Lee is creating comics and art


$1 /mo
Not only will Dicebox pages appear more frequently thanks to you, but you will also get the occasional glimpse into my process in the blog.

Welcome to my lair

$3 /mo
With you lot I will share sketches, process and notes on Dicebox and any other project I might be working on in locked blog posts.

Also, after I complete my pages for the month, I...

Let me get you something

$6 /mo
In addition to the rest, once a month I will select a piece of art to turn into a hi-res 8” x10” file available to download and print out, turn into a screensaver, etc. This might be an exceptional...

Would you like something to read?

$9 /mo
Have a complimentary PDF of Book 1 of Dicebox: Wander as soon as you join.

You will also have access to a continuously updating  PDF of Book 2: Chase (200+ pages so...


Please, stay awhile.

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Become a part of Dicebox!

Anyone who pledges at this level will be drawn as a background character within Dicebox. In additional, you'll get a print of a page your ...