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I will no longer be taking patrons or funding here. 

About Me –
My name’s Jenn Moffatt aka Lee Jay Stura. I’ve been a professional editor for almost 7 years, and what I’ve learned editing has made me a much better writer. It helped so much that my story Christmas Ghosts has been contracted by Dreamspinner Press for the 2019 Advent Calendar! I'm just a little excited about that. I can't wait to send them the Prenup from Hell and other novels when I'm done with them. 

I’m a proud nerd and have been watching SCIFI and horror stuff since I was a kid. My mom needed someone to go see horror movies with her, so she trained me from a young age to be fearless. I was raised on Dark Shadows, Star Trek, and the Wild, Wild West. I wanted to be a member of the Addams Family and be part of the crew of the Enterprise. (Hell I still do.)

The Prenup from Hell – The work my Patrons are helping me get published! 
Prenup from Hell is a love/hate story. It’s a cross between Constantine and Mr. & Mrs. Smith--only it's two misters. One's a lawyer the other's a Food Network Star. One's evil and the other's a Demon. There’s adventure, violence, vicious villains, intrigue, and family drama with a healthy dose of humor thrown in.

I’ll be posting two chapters a month until the story is finished. Then I’ll ask my patrons’ help in picking a cover once I’ve found a good editor to help me polish it up for publication. Along the way I’ll share bits and pieces of the world I’m building as well as the process that went into making Desmond and Nick into characters you care about as opposed to just a bunch of words.

Why Patreon? –
One thing I’ve learned in my job as a freelance editor is that you MUST have a professional editor work with you on your books. If you don’t, you’re doing a disservice to your readers and your characters. Good editing is more than proofreading. It’s getting an honest objective opinion on how to make your story better.

I can’t edit myself—no one should—so my plan is to use Patreon to help me pay for an editor who isn’t a friend of mine and hopefully a good cover artist while I’m at it.

Other Stuff -
I'll also be posting some of my Fanfiction and smaller projects on here. As a Patron, you'll get to read my fanfic two weeks before it's posted on my AO3 feed. I write fanfic to give my brain a rest from my other work. We all need a break now and then. 

I will also post some of the character studies and stories I do for the Role Playing Games (RPGs) that I'm involved in. Some I'm a player and others I'm a storyteller. Right now I'm playing a lot of Star Trek Adventures and Vampire the Masquerade. Hopefully you'll enjoy the read. 
37% complete
Reaching this goal will allow me to find an editor for my work in progress, and it will make it possible for me to have the Prenup from Hell ready for submission by the end of 2019.

Then it's onto the next novel!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts
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