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What's a Jenny Bee?
A Jenny Bee is a me! I'm an award-winning New York based cross-media storyteller. I've made greenlit games on Steammockumentary pilots, and done freelance motion design for clients ranging from Google to Frederator to the DIY Network, and I'm looking to make the switch to Patreon. I also have an instagram zine where I give daily supportive mental health prescriptions.

What's a cross-media storyteller?
Specifically, it means I'm more focused on telling stories than I am on sticking to any specific medium! So I've bounced around between video games, film, zines, and animation. 

What are some stories you've cross-media told? That's totally the phrasing.
Well like I said, I've made a visual novelette on Steam and a 20-minute mockumentary on art school. I also have an Instagram zine called Doctor's Gentle Requests where I give daily mental health support.

Other stories I've cross-media'd can be found on my website!

What makes your stories different?
I think my perspective on stories differs in that I'm incredibly preoccupied with what I call "Humane Storytelling". This is a lens I make all my narratives through and has principles ranging from not hiding my content behind a pay-wall to not speaking over marginalized groups in story communities. I'm writing a manifesto that will be released on this Patreon both digitally, and in print form!

What? No pay-wall? Why even HAVE a Patreon even??
Sorry! I just feel story pay-walls are unethical! So I intend to (and am in the midst of) release versions of all of my content at the $0.00 price point. I'm trusting that if people like my work and have the means, they will support ME as an artist; I think that's the theory Patreon is built upon at its core. 

If you release your stuff for free, what's in it for me to be a Patron?
Well there are free versions of all my things that are accessible, it's true! But there are also Patron-only perks that vary with tiers such as: physical copies of the manifesto, physical copies of my Doctor's Gentle Requests as well as one-of-a-kind hand-written prescriptions, private behind-the-scenes updates on my WIPs (though there will be public ones too!), special roles on my discord, and executive producer credits on my projects.

Thanks for reading! You can join my discord HERE:
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When I reach 200, I'll start doing AMA's. 
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