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Hi! My name is Jen and If you're just meeting me, please allow me to introduce myself:

Born, raised, and still living in the Baltimore-Metro area, I first logged onto the internet in early 1995, when I was just 20 years old. Later that same year, I started my first blog at

The term "blog" had yet to be coined at that time, but it is the best description of that site, which documented my adventures as an amateur model or "webgirl."

This was before "Instagram Models" or even "CamGirls." It was an amazing time, and truly life changing.

Finally, though, after 20+ years, I just felt it was time to move on. That site has now been retired and I began working as a marketing consultant for a property management company (which is a fancy way of saying I work in the rental office of my apartment community), some time ago.

Due to Covid-19, however, I've been furloughed indefinitely from that job. So, I decided this was a perfect time to work on re-building my web presence!

I have SO many photos from my past modeling career, that are just collecting virtual dust in storage. Some I may share on my new blog at, but the complete photo sets (uncensored and all), will only be posted here.

My collection is kind of all over the place at the moment... it's all gotten a bit disorganized over the years (decades)... but, I'm planning to just post a new random photoset, as often as I can!

I'm just getting started here, but I appreciate any support you can give, and hope you enjoy watching me rebuild my body of work! 

- Jen

P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a good old-fashioned email at [email protected]

P.P.S. I should note that it's possible I could post a new photo here and there... I do still like to take the occasional selfie. ;-p However, primarily this is intended to be an archive of my past work. Also, due to Patreon's rules, this will only be a collection of my work that could be rated R or tamer.

Because of that, and because I know this is a tough time for everyone, I've decided to set the minimum pledge to the lowest allowable amount: just $1/month. Of course, you can feel free to pledge more. ;-D Every little bit truly helps, right now! However, even just the minimum is very much appreciated!!

Also, if you're looking for even more, you might want to check out my old page at where I might provide additional updates in the future. Plus, you can check out my dark alter-ego Jenny Dreadful! She... is something else. ;-) 
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This is the amount of my monthly rent. If I could somehow earn enough from this to pay my rent? Well, that would just be super-duper. :-D
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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