Jens Fiedler is creating Pen & Paper RPG Assets

$1 /mo
Your rank: Citizen
Every single help is needed. Your taxes will keep the kingdom running.

You will be able to download and print the following assets for your group sessions:
  • Sketches

$5 /mo
Your rank: Farmer
Every kingdom needs some loyal farmer, that help keeping the kingdom running. Thank your for your support. I really appreciate you and try to help as much as p...

$10 /mo
Your rank: Knave
So, you are tacking your first steps as knave. It's a good start to become the knight you always dreamed of. I am pretty sure you will be a good add for our kin...

$15 /mo
Your rank: Knight
Oho! You are a well trained knight, that fights for the citizens and keeps the kingdom on balance. I really appreciate your help, what would I do without my kn...

$25 /mo
Your rank: Paladin
So, you are in love with helping others? Thank your for your noble gesture! I really appreciate your contribution to this kingdom.

You will be able to ...

$50 /mo
Your rank: Wizard
Wow! So you love this project and want the whole package? Thank you! I always loved wizards and hope to repay your magic in my own way.

You will be able...

$500 /mo
Your rank: Conqueror
Damn! You are totally nuts and it's not enough for you to just be part of this kingdom? You want to forge your own weapons, armor and fight your own monster...