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I’m making the comic Dunce, an autobiographic strip in “classic“ newspaper-style. Instagram has proven a brilliant platform for reading comic strips online, and my goal is to be able to publish a new strips daily (over at @duncecomic). As an insider (a patreon from $2 and up) you'll get the strips FIRST HERE ON PATREON, and you'll also have a peek into the process and thoughts behind. In addition you'll get different kinds of extras/goodies (see tiers below), plus: you're helping this strip (and artist) staying alive and active :)

It starts as low as $2 for being a Dunce supporter and reader of Patreon/Instagram-strips.

The $5 makes you a Dunce VIP and gives you access to pdfs of all the Dunce-zines.

As a $10+ patreon you'll be a real insider, even getting these strips mailed to you in printed collections, my self-published DUNCE-zines.

If you're a real dedicated Dunce-reader you can get signed original artwork with every issue (limited amount of $35-pledges).

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You’re a highly appreciated DUNCE-supporter, and read the strips as they appear here (and on Instagram). You also get access to exclusive content here on Patreon.

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You're a highly appreciated DUNCE-supporter and read the strips as they appear here (and on Instagram). You also get access to pdf-versions of the DUNCE zines. Plus exclusive Patreon content.

Legendary Dunce/Zine Collector
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You're a zine collector, that means you get a printed copy of my Dunce-zines in your real analogue mailbox when they arrive fresh from print. Plus Patreon-strips, Instagram-strips, exclusive Patreon content.

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