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Hey, thanks for supporting me and my art and being part of this community. I'm so glad you're here! I know every dollar you give me was hard earned and I want to give you a good value for your support. At this level you'll get my patron-only posts and access to the patron-only feed, where stuff gets posted and you and I and everyone else can talk about it.  And you'll get the occasional "everyone should enjoy this" art download too. Plus, you'll unlock access to vote in patron-only polls. Help me decide what to print next, what merch you'd like to see offered, what photos might look good in a calendar, etc. 
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Well hello there! You're really supporting the arts now... thank you so much! At this level, yada yada yada, everything mentioned in the previous level; patron-only posts, the patron-only feed, vote in patron-only polls, the photo-of-the month wallpaper and other occasional downloads. Plus, every month I'll send you a new postcard print of a photo I've taken via snail mail. So you'll get something to brighten your day in the midst of junk mail and bills. 




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About Jennifer Wilde

Hello! Thanks for considering becoming part of my Patreon community. I created this page to gather together a group of people who enjoy nature, beauty and photography who want to see the world through my eyes, virtually hang out with me and see stuff I don't post anywhere else.

Many of you know me as "that DJ on the radio" and some of you might not know me at all, but saw my photos and wound up here out of curiosity. However our paths managed to cross, I'm happy you're here and truly grateful for your support. As I've gotten more serious about learning the art of photography, I've had people tell me I "need to DO something with it." So this is it! I'm creating a show of sorts to go along with the art I'm making. This is the place where I'll post my daily dogwalk photos from some beautiful parks in Colorado (and other photos that I manage to capture as I live life) along with observations and mistakes from my learning process, outtake photos, and occasional videos from me on the trail (or maybe from somewhere else if I just randomly feel the need to chat with you guys.)

So if you wanna see some pretty stuff, get some pretty stuff, and hang out with a pretty cool chick (if I do say so myself) who's givin' off groovy vibes, welcome! I'm glad you're part of my world. 

<3 Jennifer

(PS - To support me in another way, check out my store at )
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When I reach 50 patrons I will take you on a virtual photo walk with me via Patreon Live, so you can see where I find some of the amazing wildlife I capture.
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