Jen Williams is creating Copper Cat Correspondence

The Hands of Fate

$1 /mo
Patrons of this tavern will have access to the fortnightly newsletter post, as well as my undying gratitude. Undying, I tell you!

The Scurvy Lemon

$5 /mo
Patrons of The Scurvy Lemon will have access to The Copper Cat Correspondence (and the fortnightly newsletter). 

The Saucy Wyvern

$10 /mo
The devastatingly attractive patrons of this achingly hip bar have access to The Art Post (and previous levels). Once a fortnight I will post online a collection of drawings, doodles and sketc...

The Pig and Knuckle

$50 /mo
Patrons of The Pig and Knuckle are the sort who have their own engraved tankards behind the bar – they are bad asses, in other words. They have access to all previous levels, and I will send t...

The Frog and Bluebell

$100 /mo
Boozers at the Frog and Bluebell have access to all previous levels (save for the signed book) and once a year will receive a special handwritten piece of Copper Cat Correspondence

The Black Feather Three

$150 /mo
The prestigious drinkers at The Black Feather Three have access to all previous levels (save for the signed book and handwritten Copper Cat Correspondence), plus one original artwork by me a year.