Jera Brown, nonfiction writer and journalist

is creating Nonfiction work about sexuality, spirituality, and social justic

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About Jera Brown, nonfiction writer and journalist

I can't thank you enough for supporting my work. It's not about me. I think you know that, and that's why you're here.

My Mission

Through the written word, I seek to:
  • fight for those oppressed by an unjust society
  • use my platform and my skills to promote marginalized voices
  • provide hope and healing for those who need to know that they have inherent worth and that their life choices and identities are valid
  • seek and publish answers to questions not enough people are asking

My Projects

Church of the Scarlet Letter my personal blog, is about being a queer, ethically non-monogamous, kinky, sex-positive Christian.

Sacred and Subversive
is a multi-faith blog which offers queer perspectives on the future of faith communities. There is also a book proposal in progress for an anthology of personal essays.

Just the Tip
is my queer- and sex-positive sex and relationship advice column.

The Sessions
is my memoir-in-progress in which I compare my professional relationships with an escort and a psychotherapist. I explore why a sexual journey is also a spiritual one, and the tension between wanting to continue being an explore while I also longing for someone who feels like home. I am almost done with my first draft and will be sending it out to agents this fall!

Miscellaneous Freelancing:
I regularly write pieces for a variety of publications on various social justice topics.

Goal specific projects

If I meet my goal and can work full-time supported by patrons, I will write one e-book a year and you decide the topic. Here are some ideas:
  • How to talk to your family about being queer, kinky, or non-monogamous.
  • How to adopt a spiritual language without appropriating it
  • Healing the wound between your spirituality and your sexuality
  • ????? — (Your idea here) What book do you wish existed?
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For $2500 a month, I could work full-time on the projects that fuel my mission.

If I meet this goal, you can expect consistent content from Church of the Scarlet Letter, Sacred and Subversive, and at least one e-book a year.
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