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     Hello and welcome to my Patreon page!  I'm Jeran and I make YouTube videos and do a weekly radio show where I give my honest opinion about the deceptions and lies that have rendered humanity incapable of searching out and discerning the truth from the rest of the indoctrination and propaganda.

     With the recent announcements regarding the demonetization, delisting, and deletion of YouTube videos and channels who do not follow the mainstream narrative, it has never been tougher to provide quality and honest content in such an Orwellian environment like the one we find ourselves in today. Google has changed their algorithm to filter out "real news" and YouTube has stopped recommending channels who provide content that they don't agree with. However, I am simply enjoying my right of free-speech to give my honest opinion and while this used to be okay... going forward it will be a different story entirely. 

     This Patreon page is a donation page for those who WANT to support my work because they see value in the content I provide. If that isn't you or if you don't enjoy my videos or my radio show, then that is fine and you have every right to feel that way. But if you do enjoy the work I do and if you do enjoy my research and my style of video making and presentation, then I ask you kindly if you could help with a monthly donation. Owen Benjamin said, "Support what you enjoy or it goes away" and that has never been more true than it is right now. My current Patrons make my channel and everything I do possible. Most of my videos are content claimed for copyright or demonetized for not being "advertiser friendly" so truly the work I do can only continue and grow with your help and patronage. If my channel ever goes away or is deleted by YouTube, as long as I still have a good Patron base, I can continue making videos and providing them to my Patrons through my website.
     If you aren't a patron yet, please consider joining. This Patreon is setup as an ongoing monthly campaign so if at any time you don't feel I am making a difference in the world or you no longer see value in the content I provide, you can easily cancel your patronage at any time. I only want what you think I am earning. So, if I have helped you open your mind, if I have helped you turn off the TV, or to wake up to the lies in the world around you or just given you a good laugh every now and then, I could really use your support! Thanks so much in advance, I appreciate it more than you know and I couldn't be here without your help and the support of those who have already signed up!  Thanks again!  Peace!


Below are some links to my email and my various other channels and sites! Enjoy!
Email Me
jeranism YouTube

jeranismRAW YouTube (Mondays 6pm PT LIVE)
Globebusters (Sundays 12pm PT LIVE)

If you would like to make a one-time donation or want to "tip the bartender," please use Cash App, Venmo or Bitcoin below.
Venmo Username: @jeranism
Cash Ap Username: $jeranism
Bitcoin Address: 1PFNtrJZLdoJX8VgJ5XnF85jzspyPh2cjC

Thanks Again!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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