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About Jeremy D Johnson

"I think of myself as someone who thinks largely through writing." – Samuel Delany

"Truth is a matter of the imagination." — Ursula K Le Guin

PLEASE NOTE: “Gift Economy” for my online courses. If you are interested in taking a class with me, simply sign up for my Patreon at whatever tier works best for you, then send me a note about your interest in the course--we will make it happen. Thank you!

About Me:

Jeremy is an author (Seeing Through the World: Jean Gebser and Integral Consciousness), publisher (Revelore Press), editor (Integral Leadership Review) and integral philosopher. He is a co-founder of Liminal News and Metapsy: Journal of Consciousness, Literature and Art. Jeremy has written as a contributing editor for Reality Sandwich magazine, OMNI, Disinformation, Evolve Magazine, and Kosmos Journal. His academic research, writing, and publishing advocates new forays into integrative thinking and praxis—aligning the scholastic, poetic, and spiritual—as existentially crucial work for pathfinding in a time of planetary crisis. Jeremy currently serves as president for the International Jean Gebser Society and is working on his second book, Fragments of an Integral Futurism (2021).

Jeremy is the host of Mutations, his solo podcast and co-hosts of the Growing Down podcast.

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About Mutations:

Mutations is a podcast exploring latent futures in the radical present. We inhabit a time between times, between worlds—what are the emergent potentials, articulated visions, or, in a word, ‘mutations’ that can help us to pathfind our way into the future? What forms of integrative thinking and being are required for this leap? Author (Seeing Through the World), show host, and integral philosopher Jeremy D Johnson explores these questions through solo podcasts, readings, and with featured guests.

A Support Space and a Community Hub:

This patreon has evolved into a wonderful support community hub for exploring mutual research projects, integrative praxis, and bi-weekly community calls. These patron Zoom calls are, for the moment, a) "Pop-up Integral Studies" salons b) book clubs (voted on by patrons) and c) exploratory lectures with facilitated Q&A and dialogue portions.

Further discussion is hosted over on the Mutations discord server.


Seeing Through the World:Jean Gebser and Integral Consciousness (Revelore Press 2018)

"Part companion piece to Gebser’s magnum opus,The Ever-Present Origin, part inspired treatise on an integral futurism, Jeremy guides the reader through the structures of consciousness and incepts integral scholarship as a divination that scries the age of ecological collapse and the ontological recodings of the Anthropocene."

Mutations: Art, Consciousness and the Anthropocene
(Revelore Press 2020) is an anthology project inspired by the term "mutations," described by Jean Gebser, implicating consciousness transformation as a series of discontinuous leaps into new modes of thinking and being in the world. Forthcoming late 2020.

Fragments of an Integral Futurism (2021) is my forthcoming book picking up where Seeing Through the World concluded, taking an innovative approach of integral phenomenology into contemporary applications and analysis. How do we navigate the "meta-crisis," our planetary transition? We must cohere the "seductive ontology" of tomorrow. Part poetic manifesto on reclaiming an "integral phenomenology of time," part critical revisioning of past approaches to cultural evolution, Fragments seeks to recode the past to envision creative possibilities for the future. 


I'm the current president of the Jean Gebser Society — an academic society exploring the work of the integral philosopher — and have served as their conference convener for the past few years. There is a tremendous wealth of intelligence, heart, and spirit in this community of integral practitioners, and I encourage you to join us for the next conference.


How Your Funding Helps:

Your funding helps to support the continued evolution of this hub as a space for integral practitioners and researchers to cohere, explore, and deepen their practice. It also tremendously helps me improve my course offerings and support my capacity as a researcher, writer, and publisher. These days, you are directly helping me take more time with the Fragments book. You truly are patrons. Thank you.

Now here are some perks:

  • Donations of $1 (Mutant) get you access to Patron-only content, like sneak peaks at unpublished writing, first cuts of Mutations podcast episodes, access to the Mutations Discord server, and early announcements/discount codes for upcoming courses.
  • $5 and up (Super Mutant) get you a special Thank You note in my next book.
  • $10 (Super Team) and up gets you all the previous perks plus the ability to vote on the topic for the next salon.
  • Lastly, $20+ (Cosmic Beneficiary) gets you a Thank You in my books plus a one-on-one private Skype/Zoom call to talk about anything. Pick my brain. Get my editorial advice. Network about what you're creating—building the culture is what this is about.
  • Anything beyond that... Let’s talk! More one-on-one calls and collaborations a possibility.


Do you want to help foster a literary, re-invigorated consciousness culture with new research and a community hardwired into the "Geistige" of a complex, planetary age?

Let us lean into the concept of "mutation," and inhabiting "mutants" in the best sense of that word (beyond its science fiction connotation) as a creative leap from origin (ursprung). 

Let's build the future in the present.

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