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Thanks for supporting The Great Library - NOW to reward you, I'd like to offer you the 1974 SPOTT FARM album "Once Upon A Farm" compiled from live recordings around 1974 and lovingly re-mastered by Jerome. Featuring original songs by Jerome Jarvis, Richard Knechtal, Perth County Conspiracy and the other members of Spott Farm  

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SPOTT FARM 1974 - redux 2016



About Jerome Jarvis

I've been making my life for music since I was 16. It was over 50 year ago when I first I started to write, sing, drum, record and do what I could to bring my inside out. This world has seen me performing on sidewalks, concert halls and TV, radio and records. I've created soundtracks for film and video, theatre soundscapes  and music for dance recitals. I have my own record label, website and try to bring the best music and stuff, I can find or create to the attention of my friends. 
The current Long-Term project is an Online Musical telling the story of the Last Days of the Library of Alexandria in 415 AD, seen through the eyes of Geronimo Moonbeam, (played by myself) who travels back from modern day to see what can be salvaged or saved.  The story is unfolding as an an open collaboration through songs, sounds, images and script with links to relevant pages -  
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It would be nice to reach an audience who could appreciate this work-in-progress. The Great Library Musical has been growing in my imagination since 1986 and has been spilling over into the online world for the past few years. Collaborators are welcome and new characters are appearing all the time - some are bringing their own songs and stories to be included in the collection.
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