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About Jerome Renaux


My name is Jérôme and I'm developing and ambitious multiplayer online game called Westward.

Westward is a collaborative MMORPG where the players have to build a nation. “The story of the creation and defense of communities, the mastery of the land, the development of an economy, and the formation of a nation.” (Quoted from Wikipedia about a certain epoch of US history).

Starting from nothing, the players need to collaborate and organize themselves to improve their lot, continuously expanding westward in order to grow and conquering an hostile civilization in the process.

This requires building complementary buildings, harvesting resources, setting up an economy, exploring the land, defending from invasions and securing new land through military conquest. In every single one of these endeavors, the players have the central roles.

The geography, the location of resources, and the dangers posed by the wildlife and the enemy civilization set the stage while leaving the players in charge of deciding what goals to pursue and how to overcome the challenges they face.

Why should you contribute

If you are interested in the game concept and would like to see the current game version improve or progress faster, then you should contribute!

I am devoting my free time, energy and own money to making Westward happen. Contributions will allow me to free up more of these resources and help improve the game faster. In addition, it will allow me to hire skilled artists to beautify the game. Finally, among other smaller things, they will contribute to the various costs related to building, hosting and delivering my content to you.

As patrons, you will get exclusive previews into new features and might even get a say about them. Additionally, you'll be able to leave your mark on the game by choosing the names of various things!

One-time contributions

If you wish to make a one-time contribution, this is also possible via Paypal. You can find more information about this on the donation page on my website.

Thank you

Contributions also have a big motivational impact. The slightest contribution means that someone, somewhere, cares about my work and wants to see it progress. There is no way to quantify the value of that, especially during the inevitable hard times of game development.
$5.35 of $40 per month
Reaching this goal would cover all current hosting expenses for both the game and the website!
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