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Hi, Jerome Shaw here. YouTuber and creator of "The Open Palm" podcast. I created this Patreon as a way for open-minded individuals like you to support and also gain access to exclusive content. These will be creative and informative pieces of me you will not find anywhere else! 

All my life I've been inspired by others and seek to be a source of inspiration as well. If I can spark even one person to become their greatest version, I know that one day you will do the same. 

Money donated through Patreon will be going towards upgrading my equipment and content. Helping to inspire viewers and listeners like you and helping me make a living while doing so.

In the higher tiers, you will be able to have increased access to me. Able to have 1-on-1 calls to talk about ways in which you can improve your life, and things I have discovered on my journey.

Remember, you’re not just supporting me. You’re supporting the creation of positive podcasts. Become a Patron today and get behind a vision for a more open and insightful world.
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