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My goal is simply this: to end fear. To eradicate panic in every country and culture on the planet. A simple goal, one might think. I thought I could do this by making intelligent, sometimes funny, sometimes annoying posts on Facebook and Twitter. Turns out, I was wrong: it would take more than this. So if world peace is going to be established anytime soon, I need to publish more articles and books, create more podcasts, participate in more debates, and even venture into the murky, young people’s world of video. But for that, I need your help. As a patron, you can support me while I hand-craft the finest content, and help make the case for a less fearful, more rational, and (hopefully) happier world. In return, you get access to exclusive content and other patron perks.

I'm an experienced writer and campaigner. I have a background in computing and I’m a science geek. I come from a large, multiracial London family, and while I oppose bigotry (and have a long background of anti-racism activism), I also despise the way that false accusations of racism, homophobia or sexism have come to be used as a tool of bullying. I’m fairly unaligned politically, although my background is firmly on the Left. I write about sex, free speech, identity, culture and science, and my book Porn Panic - which is about politics and sexual freedom - was published by Zero Books, and is available at your local/global bookstore (signed copies are also available to patrons).

Fear erodes the good things in human society. It attacks liberty, increases hatred and lead us to irrational, divisive and dangerous behaviours. To quote from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: DON’T PANIC.

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