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Jerry Barnett, Anti-Censorship

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Show support and help me fight for the important things in life. At this tier, patrons get early access to audio and other content (typically podcasts are released 1-2 weeks earlier to patrons).

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While I can't legally offer you sex or drugs as a benefit, I can offer a signed paperback copy of my book Porn Panic, which explores the history of anti-sex moral panics, and documents the new war on free speech, and the rise of cancel culture. This is in addition to the benefits at the lower tiers




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About Jerry Barnett, Anti-Censorship

The small freedoms - sexual freedom and free expression - are the most precious. And when they come for those, we know that the big freedoms will follow. My mission is to defend those apparently minor, individual freedoms from the state, and from the righteous mob.

I write articles and publish videos on YouTube. I'm also the author of a book (Porn Panic), and will write more, given available time. While I'm paid for some of my work, you can support me in creating more content that is low-paid or unpaid.

My writing is cultural and political, and comes from a simple place: I hate people finding excuses to bully and control other people. This applies equally to all parts of the political spectrum. I believe...

  1. Sexual freedom, sexual expression and sex work must be defended
  2. Without individual liberty, we are all less happy and less safe
  3. Free speech must be defended on principle, even for people and subjects we dislike
  4. Censorship and "cancel culture" must be opposed
  5. Censoring "bad speech" does not make anyone safer: it just allows people to ignore bad things
  6. We need to get out of our echo chambers and listen to people with all viewpoints
  7. Just be nice
My book Porn Panic examined some of the recent threats to individual liberty. It can be bought at Amazon and elsewhere. Signed copies of the book are one of the perks that patrons can receive for supporting me

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