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    PLUS! Commit to this level before Episode 40 comes out and stick with us through to the end, and you will get a signed copy of the book, all made of paper and everything. Whenever that is.

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        About Jerry Seeger

        I am writing a fantasy novel called Knives, and if you like thoughtful, extremely dangerous characters you should read a few episodes and see if it grabs you. You can find the currently-released episodes over at If you like what you read, you can help fund the next episodes. Whee!

        My patrons also get access to super-special content (for a very loose definition of "super") that is unlocked when you pledge to support the effort.

        Things you should know about Knives:
        • There is blood. Knives cut people.
        • There is a wide variety of swearing.
        • So, you know, viewer discretion and all that.
        • There is no quest for some awesome thing, and there are no orcs.

        I'm really enjoying writing in an episodic format; it forces me to avoid the bane of the modern fantasy novel — chapters that drone on and on without much happening. Sound familiar? In this format, something has to happen every damn time.

        I chose to ask people to pledge to support the story in 10-chapter blocks, so that people could enjoy the story and feel good about it without paying far more than an average novel costs. So in fact you can give me encouragement for practically nothing!

        Rough drafts of the first chapters can be found elsewhere on the Web, if you're enterprising enough to find them, but the versions at the above address are spruced up and retrofitted with ideas I came up with later.

        Projects like this are about community — about a bunch of people like you finding something fun to share. So tell your friends, and please be sure to join in the discussions.
        $61.20 of $150 per 10 episodes
        Another goal, another backstory, ho-hum. But let's make this interesting. At this level, I will also be able to give you what you want the most: regularly scheduled episodes. I'm working toward that anyway, but here's a no-excuses line in the sand. At $15 per episode, I get them out like clockwork, while putting in the time to make sure quality doesn't suffer.
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        By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
        By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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