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About Jesse Johnson

“It’s possible to spend an entire lifetime looking at something, and even then, to fail to behold it in any meaningful way,”
-Matt Santos 'Memento Park'

Every time a close friend asks "No seriously, where do you put it all?" part of me cringes, anticipating a lecture.  Where ARE all the photos of you? 

Where does it all go?

The truth is, I have a pile of memories that seems too much for me to wade through.  At first they sit because they're too recent, I've learned not to fall in love with your photos too quickly, they need a bit of time.

Is ten years enough?  Will anyone ever see these?  Will my great-nephews be asked to resuscitate my hard drives to create a slideshow when I'm dead?  Will the slideshow have good music?

I think ten years is enough.  This is where they can all go.  

On this page I'll be inducing flashbacks; Curating and revising my work from 10 years ago, dusting off old favorites and finding the lost ones. I'll also be staying up to date with the present, collecting the previous months photos letting them fly.

Why would anyone ever pay for Photography? Is it offensive to even ask?  I don't know, but I'm glad you're here.  
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And I would just be very grateful, that's a lot of supporters.
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