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per Featuring Folk Musicians from all over the world!


May 14th, 2015, I launched the #FridayFeature to help fellow artists get seen, heard, and shared by a receptive audience.

What Do You Get?
  1. Discover a new Folk Musician, from all around the world, every Friday.
  2. Access to interviews with the artists.
  3. To support up and coming artists.
  4. Special Gifts for becoming a Patron.

More About #FridayFeature
The blog reads like a press kit, including a bio, video, social media links, and a hi-resolution image. There are a few things that makes this blog special:
1) It is not limited to any region. It is an international blog. 
2) It includes an interview between myself and the artist.
3) I promote the Featured Artist on these outlets:

Since May 14th, 2015, #FridayFeature, has showcased many musicians; while at the same time, it is cultivating a list of followers. This is how we succeed together. Ask my friends, my main two mottos are "Enjoy A Good Thing" and "We Are Stronger Together", and I truly live that way. 

It is hard to beat that moment when an artist tells me that she would not have organized her press kit without my specific submission guidelines or when a blog reader tells me that he has discovered some of his favorite new acoustic artists on my blog. 

That's why I started the #FridayFeature and continue to support talented folk musicians, from all around the world, and do the hard work necessary to keep it going.

One of the reasons I work so hard to support other musicians navigating this crazy industry is because I am also a DIY musician. I know how hard it can be. In my 10 yrs performing live music, I have made many, many mistakes and bad, bad jokes. However, I have also seen and discovered some amazing things and met some influential people living their passions. Maybe I have also learned a little along the way. So instead of watching fellow artists reinvent the wheel, I have made it a point, a mission, to support fellow folk artists.

That is why I also administer a Facebook group called Musicians Stronger Together (#MST) -- a community of folk musicians working together to succeed in the music industry. Please feel free to join and/or start a conversation.

Come join me on this movement to support each other while nourishing creativity and focusing less on competition (there is already enough of that everywhere else). My goal is to continue putting a lot of my time and effort into both #FridayFeature and Musicians Stronger Together (#MST) without having to start advertising.

Support the #FridayFeature and become a Patron.

You can pledge any amount per blog post or you can set a monthly cap, to stay within your budget. Three to four folk artists are featured every month. 

By supporting #FridayFeature you are directly supporting me, the movement, and the featured artists.
Join me!

Thank you!

Jesse Lacy

Interested in submitting your music to the #FridayFeature?
Submissions are welcome, as long as they are acoustic, folk, singer-songwriter, Americana, indie-folk-rock, bluegrass, etc. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES
$0 of $20 per Featuring Folk Musicians from all over the world!
Once we reach a collective monthly commitment of $20, I will create an #FridayFeature Instagram page and include a post of the artist each week!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
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