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About Jesse Pirnat

Hi there. I write sci-fi/fantasy/generally weird fiction and share it for your enjoyment. Yes, you specifically.

I also have some websites/software projects that a lot of people seem to like.

My blog, where I regularly post my project updates, short stories, and thoughts about life in general.

Uhh, Reincarnation Goddess? You Forgot to Give Me the System
Web novel - LitRPG/fantasy - complete
This web fiction series takes the typical LitRPG fantasy premise and flips it on its head. Ash, our unlucky protagonist, is reincarnated into a world in which everyone has access to the System—including all its stats, magic, and superhuman strength. The only problem is, the reincarnation goddess forgot to give it to Ash.
In a world of wizards and warriors, terrors and tyrants, will Ash be able to survive as a mere unpowered human? Luckily, she’s a clever girl with some tricks up her sleeve—but then again, she already has a pretty bad track record at staying alive…

A Broken Clock
Short story - sci-fi - complete (I mean… it’s a short story)
In a world where time runs on clocks rather than the other way around, the federal clock repair agents of the DTA are the only ones standing between normal life and the danger of being frozen in place forever.

Justice Never Dies
Short story - weird - complete (seriously, it’s just a short story, of course it’s complete)
Supreme Court Justice Ambrose Erkens only has a week left to live, or so the doctors say. But they’ve been saying that for a very long time…

The Book of West
Novel - fantasy/weirdest - in progress
After finding a book of magic, old man Charles West becomes convinced that if enough souls are sacrificed, he can bring his father back to life. (This is my main project. It’s not going to be finished for a long, long time though.)

Software Projects:

A combined Pokédex and Pokémon Showdown usage stats viewer, designed to make it easy to browse and analyze metagame trends over time.

MSPA Prophet
Remember Homestuck? Remember that mysterious Tumblr blog that notified people about Homestuck updates minutes/hours before they went public? That was me. I ran that Tumblr. I was the MSPA Prophet.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 29 exclusive posts

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