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I am a writer. I have loved writing since forever, and I recently got back into it full force thanks to help from a forum website. Right now I'm mostly working on only one story because work takes up a lot of my time, and it's all that I can spare to bring out one chapter every week or so.

Here's my current story Of Elder Scrolls and Huntsmen: Dragon Rose

It's fanfiction, yes, but I hope to someday focus more on my own original works, some of which I've had thought up for a decade, but haven't been able to articulate as well.

Like I said, I love writing, and I wish I could spare the time or attention to write more. So, I'm starting up this Patreon to help keep me afloat so I can focus more time on my writing. The different tiers I've set up are only so people donating have options if they want to give more. Donating won't actually get you anything, but I will try to personally thank each and every one who does donate. The biggest and only real award to this is that I'll be freed up to write more. And it may be a longshot, but I've heard of guys making more than I do at work from this place, doing pretty much the exact same thing. If I could somehow totally quit my job and focus entirely on writing, that would be a dream come true. And if I could someday finish my own story and publish it on hardback, that would be perhaps the greatest moment of my life.

(The picture in the banner is courtesy of ton2005xxx ( DeviantArt), was commissioned by oniishanramee, and is based on OESaH: DR)

Take care, and thank you.

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