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Before I release a composition, you get to listen to pre-release versions and provide feedback, including a chance to help me decide on the name for the music!

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For every 12 months at this price point, you will get to decide the instrumentation (from solo instrument to a "full orchestra"), mood, and title of one composition (5 minutes duration).  The piece will be dedicated to you or someone of your choosing, and upon completion you will receive printable sheet music for the full score and parts (an audio demo will also be provided).  The composition will be delivered no later than 6 months after agreement on these details.




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About Jesse Voogt


I studied music composition for a year at the ArtEZ conservatoire in the charming city of Zwolle, the Netherlands. I'm primarily a violinist, and as such much of my work involves stringed instruments, starting with the Sinfonia I wrote for my high school string orchestra. My music ranges from works for solo piano, solo violin, and solo guitar to works for a full orchestra.  While it is often neo-Romantic, sometimes neo-Baroque, and occasionally pop-classical, my music is always driven by a strong sense of melody. Besides music, I also studied computer science, have a degree in architecture, and have built a career as a web developer.  But while I have many interests, creating music is my constant and true passion.  For more info, visit my website at
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When I reach $1000/month, it will replace enough other income such that I can focus more on my music and be able to release 2 compositions a month instead of 1.
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