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The whole reason I write is to try and make you stop and think a little bit differently about things, even if it's just for 5 minutes. If you felt this way after you read one of my posts, and possibly even a little inspired, then this is the pledge tier for you!
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Did something get you inspired enough to take action and do something? Wow, if so, that's pretty cool - I'm humbled. If you found a kernel of an idea you can build on and grow into something amazing, then this is your pledge. 
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$10 just covers two coffees - in Australia anyway. I feel like a $10 pledge per month makes us legit coffee buddies. That way we can geek out over fintech in person. And I do coffees anywhere in the world, if I'm passing through. So let's be fintech friends and hit each other up when we're in each other's neighbourhoods.




Hi! My name's Jess and I’m currently the Co-Founder & CEO of a fintech wealth startup in Australia called Zuper. We’re shaking up the superannuation industry using AI, impact investing and behavioural psychology. If you’re visiting this page from farther afield than Australia (like the US or UK), simply substitute superannuation for 401K or the pension. It's all pretty much the same thing.

Apart from doing 'Zuper' things with my amazing co-founders Eran and Jon, I also love to think, write and talk about all things fintech. To do this I started a blog as a way to share my thoughts on the current technology driven revolution taking place in the banking, investment and payments industry. It's amazing to see how fintech is changing the way we access and use financial services and banking products, bringing greater choice and power to consumers and small businesses alike. Did someone say revolution? It certainly feels that way.

My blog is my research, conducted in the wild. I love the inflection point where fintech collides with the social, economic and cultural shifts happening all around us. So this is what I tend to write about - plus brainstorm the odd product ideas every now and then too.

And on that front, I have too many ideas, so I figure it's better to set them free, in the hope someone else (like you!) will take them, nurture them and, if it seems like they can grow into something better, make them happen! Ideas build on ideas, and execution is everything. In return all I ask is you show your support for my blog by pledging via Patreon.

What was I doing before Zuper?

Prior to Zuper – between 2009 to 2017 – I worked for Australia’s most successful fintech startup, Tyro. We started out specialising in payments, way before anyone believed tech heads could be successful selling finance products. In late 2015 we landed a full banking licence and raised $100M, making us the first true fintech to break into the challenger banking space.

While at Tyro I worked my way through sales, business development, marketing and product. Over the course of 2016 and the first half of 2017 I led the Go To Market team responsible for growing Tyro’s first deposit and lending books from scratch. Working in conjunction with the technical product leads and the credit team, we built a fully automated end-to-end on boarding platform that allowed a small businesses to activate a business bank account and accept up to $120K in funding in less than 60 seconds.

Outside of Zuper I’m a fintech blogger and commentator, the Australian correspondent for Brett King’s Breaking Banks and write weekly for the team over at Daily Fintech, covering all things small business and fintech related. I also write for the team at BankNXT and you can check out my articles for them there too!
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Once I hit $1000 I'll start my own podcast looking at the human stories behind fintech founders and the deeper things that make them tick. Why? I'm kind of over the podcasts and stories about 'how I scaled my business' and 'my amazing growth hack using Facebook'. We can do better than that. Let's humanise fintech and get to the real juicy stuff.
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