Jessica Libor is creating Original Artwork


$1 /mo
  • Thank you so much!  It means so much that you support me, it's because of your interest and trust that I am able to do what I do!  I can't wait to show you what your support will allow me t...

Secret Admirer

$5 /mo
  • I so appreciate this!  Your support buys me new paints, brushes and groceries, so thank you so much!
  • The first 450 Secret Admirers will receive a one time thank you gift of a surpri...


$15 /mo
  • Wow, thank you so much!  This is a big deal, so I appreciate your support!
  • You will get a small surprise hand-signed print, approximate 5x7 inch image, mailed EACH MONTH to your ad...


$45 /mo
  • Oh my goodness, thank you!!  I am just so grateful and humbled by your support!
  • As a thank you, you will get a large (approximately 11x17 inch) limited edition surprise signed print...


$100 /mo
  • WOW.  I am amazed!!  I am so humbled by your beleif and faith in what I can do! 
  • As a thank you, you will get an 8 by 10 inch ORIGINAL ink drawing every month for your support.  I...

Modern Medici

$400 /mo
You are the ultimate patron, who believes in what I do!  For your generous support, you will receive an original artwork each month at or under 14".  This will be a fully realized, oil painting,  a...