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About Jess Nevins

Hi. My name is Jess Nevins. I'm a college librarian by day, but by night I am at play in the fields of the lord as a writer. You might know me for my annotations for the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. You might know me for my writing on Victorian literature, either my Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana (a finalist for the World Fantasy Award) or my The Victorian Bookshelf. You might know me for my writings on the pulps, such as The Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes. Or you might have been a subscriber to my newsletter. I write a lot, basically, on a range of topics. (You can see a more complete bibliography here).  

But like a lot of writers I have a hard time making ends meet. I'm the sole wage earner for my family and my animals, and the sort of writing I do entails a lot of travel and a lot of extra bills of the kind fiction writers don't have to pay. (Let's just say my Interlibrary Loan bill is frightful). 

So I'm joining the 21st century and putting a virtual tin cup out. Hence, a Patreon. 

Naturally, I'm going to do my best to earn whatever money my backers give. Every month, I'll publish a long(ish) essay or piece of the sort I did in my newsletter. There's a world of fascinating information out there, and I'd like to share it with you in essay form. In addition to essays, I'll be sharing long quotes of interest or any other things that strike my fancy. I'll certainly put effort into whatever I post, though. I want you to get your money's worth. 

In addition to the essay, backers can sign up to receive an exclusive look at the project(s) I'm working on, Tuckerizations, acknowledgments, and the chance to have me be your personal researcher. 
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At this level, most of my financial worries would melt away, and I'd have the time and energy and motivation to write still more. If I can reach this goal I'll celebrate by giving away, in electronic form (.pdf or .epub), one of my books to a patron, once a month. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 60 exclusive posts

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