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Welcome to the JessPlays fam! This is so awesom, thank you so much! Here are the perks you can expect with this tier:

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About JessPlays

Hi, welcome! I'm JessPlays on YouTube. I create Let's Play gaming videos along with vlogs and the occasional reaction video. My goal is to connect with people and create a community (family) where we can bond over gaming! I have met some of my best friends online and I know how scary and hard life can get sometimes and I want to create an inviting, positive space for people to be able to come be a part of.

I am brand new to creating Youtube content but I've opened a Patreon account in order to give you all the option of helping the channel in whichever way you want to. Your donations will go into helping purchase future games and better equipment so that I can constantly improve and give you all quality videos.

I love you all so much and please know that I'd never want you to feel obligated to contribute but if you do decide to become a Patron, please know I am so grateful!

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