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is creating Writings, Poetry, Videos, Fashion, a Remix of Philosophy.

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Welcome to my Patreon page! It's an honor that you have made your presence known and have connected with me! Seeing as the World is a large place and the internet while even larger still makes us a little closer. The mere chance of you finding me is quite remarkable! For those of you who don't know me - it's my hope through my writings and narration you enjoy what I have to offer. I welcome you on this ride with me! I plan on exploring various places and I hope you can come with me, I'll bring the buttons, threads, and needles! (We're all connected, so push the button!) Thank you for joining in on the conversation! Your particpation means a lot to me!

I've been doing a lot of creative projects since 2009 when I launched my first  YouTube channel. Primarily, I've made various videos and essays surrounding Entertainment culture including but not limited to my album discussions of Prince and Michael Jackson. I've since deleted those videos because through my creative evolution, I've come to the conclusion I'm not a reporter! :D

I have a tendency of being all over the place *hence being random at any given time*. (Whenever I am conceptual and clairvoyant it's opposite of Random - Uniform). But. I am both. Clear and Direct while also enjoying the shade of the shadows and random, but aren't we all? I write through the persuasion of love, hate, misunderstanding or essentially anything that rests on the surface (&beyond it). I'm your fellow sponge that receives any and everything - which is why I have to be careful about anything. An argument might become a poem and your attitude might become a character in my next novel! :D

It's Button Therapy, Baby! It's all about connection and I'm only writing until the pen runs out! I also enjoy putting buttons everywhere as a symbol of this great connection between what's torn. Follow along for more creations!

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