Jesse (Jester) Jenkins is creating Writings, Narration

Eye 1

$1 /mo
You won! Thank you for your contribution, you've sown a seed to help manifest various ideas of mine! I appreciate it no matter how small it makes a BIG IMPACT!  

3 Funky

$3 /mo
You beyond the 2! You're 3 funky and beyond! It's my mission to supply you with enough inspiration that will continually provide a remix of perspective! Not just on the 7, but 3 and 1!

The Recurring 7!

$7 /mo
YOU’RE THE RECURRING SEVEN! Thank you for going even further in your endeavors to support my creations!  This is the preferred method so to speak. By Pledging this, I'll give you a shot out for eve...

Twin 7!

$14 /mo
You're a Twin to Seven! By Pledging this, I'll share with you some of my latest projects and give you the inside scoop of the creation process while including you a part of the process! Let's also ...

Button 21!

$21 /mo
 Whoa! YOU’RE A TRIPLE WINNER! By Pledging this, I'll write a short poem of your choosing! It could be about you or something you want to say but may need a remix too!