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You're great! You get access to my patron-only feed and also appreciation, with patron only art, streams, and music.

Good Friend

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You get access to my digital sketches and things that are too silly to post for the public. Plus access to an Yearly Exclusive Patron Only Game (YEPOG)  

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You get the say! When I've got a question, you'll be one of the few that can answer through polls, plus all previous rewards. Plus access to an Yearly Exclusive Patron Only Game (YEPOG)  + get to g...

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You get an OC request for the occasional "Jess draws your OCs" drawing, plus you get a quarterly space postcard plus all other rewards.

Good Great Friend

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You get two oc art requests for the OC draw times. Plus all previous awards.

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Ultimate level! You get to create characters to date in the yearly Patreon exclusive dating sim, plus all previous rewards