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Welcome to my Patreon Page, I am a Lead Grooming TD working at MPC. My most recent projects are Detective Pikachu (Hero groomer) and Maleficent 2 (Lead Groomer). Thanks for the interest and all the support!

Lesson Preview 

EXCLUSIVE TUTORIALS  (for $15 USD you can see all the tutorials!)
Find free lessons on

All lessons can be found here
Success Path

Grooming a DigiDouble for VFX. The most complete series with actual VFX pipeline on the market

This is the lesson 10 Result. Just guides and base clumping.


Example of the scenes and setup that you can download on patreon.

Learn quick tips on how to result everyday grooms 

High End models  ( RAT, DOG, RED PANDA )

Follow our grooming a bear lesson

Also as a side you have our Redshift tutorials!

By popular demand, Here is the new line of tutorials for Redshift starting with Product shot and light techniques!  On this tutorial we are going to look into the process of creation of a product shot from the model preparation to the light set ups and rigs, textures and final materials to end with the post production to get the final piece.


We have already 4 introductory lessons on the theme and now working on a more advanced tutorial with the Belle version from LOISH (with her permission). You can see her the latest version


Learn all the process from the First Drawing to the final Render, starting with Pen Tool Sai, to Sculpt the model on Zbrush, Retopology with maya and Final groom with XGen.


Learn how to create a cartoon environment based on concept art, from the camera and scale set up to the final modeling of assets, a complete A to Z tutorial, with modeling, assets creation, surfacing, shading, lighting and final composing.

Environment Creation ( Realistic) with the complete assets pack

The new tutorial is being worked on, learn how to created amazing environments for your 3D projects. Work from the start with the assets creation or use the ones that are included on the tutorials, I would fo my best to explain every step to get a great looking piece for your portfolio.


On this series we look at the workflow to make procedural materials with redshift and maya, from the color, to reflection, bump and finally to the material creation.


Right now you can find two series of exclusive tutorials here on Patron, the first one is the cloth and fabric series with 4 video lessons on how to generate the tiles and textures, compose the maps and create a realistic fabric material. For more information on this tutorial click here

Creating a Creature

For this tutorial, we started with a base model, and make the basic process for making the groom, adjust the fur, flow of the fur and adjustments, the final redesign of the model with more personality and giving a more pleasant vibe in addition to the texturing and material process. With 21 Lessons and more than 10 hours of video.

If you want to check all the lessons on this tutorial, click here.


-Better Content on the videos: Each tutorial takes time, at least 20 hours of work to make a High Quality tutorial, recording and editing and that.

-Free Scenes to download with each tutorial if on the correct tier: Assets modelling, textures, real scenes that considers real work simulation are time consuming. (Like this one EXAMPLE SCENE)

-Exclusive tutorials 
Each month I will start a new project, sometimes a project can take a little bit more than a month, I will record all the process with commentary and upload the tutorials for 15 USD patrons and with scenes for 30 USD patrons.

-For patrons only I will give you models, materials tests and papers from my own experiences and workflows 

-Making off and Work-ready workflows
I do a lot of freelance work, and the making of my works are going to be available to you people. (This one is a high-level goal as it takes a lot of time to put a making of together but I will do my best to dedicated to the community)


Everyone needs to pay bills, taxes, apartment, food, etc. I am not an exception, I have a two-year-old son and the ones of you that have kids know that they are expensive, so thinking on his college found and how to educate him right or even his diapers and milk everything is money. That is the reason for me to ask a compensation.

Thank you for all your support! If you have any question don’t hesitate to send me a message!

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