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Do you like comics? Do you like comics about freelance occultists vs. judgmental neighbors, difficult clients, bills, and gender? If so, you can help bring more of these things into the world by supporting me on Patreon!
In February 2015 I launched my free-to-read webcomic, Job Satisfaction, as a labor of love and depravity, after debuting the characters in a short, 18+ comic for a crowdfunded anthology. The anthology was paid, but the webcomic (now approximately PG 13) is not. I'd like to be able to channel even more time and effort into this project by accepting the patronage of demon enthusiasts worldwide. 

As of this writing, patrons at all tiers have access to:
  • exclusive behind-the-scenes production art and worldbuilding info
  • lineart previews of weekly pages 2-3 days before they go live
  • exclusive hi-def wallpapers created specially for Patreon

And who knows what else! It all depends on the support I am able to garner as my webcomic grows. These characters mean a lot to me, and I will continue to put out content regardless of financial support. But I hope that, with your help, I might have the resources to increase my output and explore print options, conventions, and indulgent drawings of the cast in high fashion outfits. Hell's the limit.

Thanks for reading!
100% complete
If I meet this goal, I will create the lushest imaginable desktop wallpaper featuring never-before-seen art of Job Satisfaction characters, available only through Patreon!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 160 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 160 exclusive posts
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